Kitchen Design As Per Vastu

Kitchen Design As Per Vastu. 4.4 4.placement of the water structures. Kitchen colour as per vastu shastra plan, colour therapy is beneficial in boosting the metabolism and digestive system for good health and prosperity.

Simple & Effective Vastu Tips For a Healthy Kitchen The Urban Guide
Simple & Effective Vastu Tips For a Healthy Kitchen The Urban Guide from www.urbancompany.com

According to vastu shastra, agni or the god of fire rules the kitchen. North west kitchen vastu colors. Wednesday, 13 may, 2020 04:28 am most modern houses prefer a modular kitchen in current times.

In south or west direction.

Also one should not color the kitchen with white completely. Kitchen direction as per vastu. Dining tables should preferably be in the shape of a square or a rectangle, as they stand for stability.

Here are a few vastu tips for kitchen colors:

As per vastu principles, granite is considered as the most ideal and popular material for building kitchen countertops as they’re attractive and durable, the other options being quartz or any other natural stone. Have two windows/gaps in east and west walls of kitchen and place an exhaust fan in any of the windows/gaps. “the dining table should not be below a toilet on the upper floor.

As per vastu kitchen should be painted green, lemon yellow, and orange.

Listed below are 6 important factors that one stringently needs to consider when designing a kitchen as per vastu guidelines: Cream, ivory or yellow are the best colors for the kitchen slab for a north west kitchen. Vastu colours for kitchen #1:

It is not the kitchen alone that matters;

In the south east zone, it is excellent. While cooking, one should ideally face towards the east. Vastu colours for kitchen #3:

If you have a correct kitchen position as per vastu, i.e.

Door fora kitchen should never be placed in any corner of the room. North west kitchen vastu colors. 4.6 6.right placement of the.


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